\\dīˈvəls, də̇ˈ-\ transitive verb (-ed/-ing/-s)
Etymology: Latin divulsus, past participle of divellere — more at divel
: to pull or tear apart : rend — now used chiefly in surgery

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  • divulse — /duy vuls , di /, v.t., divulsed, divulsing. Surg. to tear away or apart, as distinguished from cut or dissect. [1595 1605; < L divulsus (ptp. of divellere), equiv. to di DI 2 + vulsus plucked (ptp. of vellere)] * * * …   Universalium

  • divulse — To tear away or apart. [L. divello, pp. di vulsus, to pull apart] * * * di·vulse (dĭ vulsґ) [L. divulsus, past part. of divellere to tear in pieces] to pull apart forcibly …   Medical dictionary

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  • divulse — di•vulse [[t]daɪˈvʌls, dɪ [/t]] v. t. vulsed, vuls•ing. Surg. srg to tear away or apart, as distinguished from cut or dissect • Etymology: 1595–1605; < L dīvulsus, ptp. of dīvellere=dī di II+vellere to pluck, tear di•vul•sion dɪˈvʌl ʃən, daɪ n …   From formal English to slang

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  • divellere — di·vèl·le·re v.tr. (io divèllo) 1. CO sradicare, strappare con forza; scardinare: il fulmine ha divelto l albero | LE fig., distruggere, eliminare completamente: sol rimasta è in me | una radice amara | che non si può divellere (D Annunzio)… …   Dizionario italiano

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